The narrative that is conveyed by the lines on a Hudson Bay blanket is one-of-a-kind for each individual blanket and can change depending on the location at which the blanket was manufactured. On the other hand, if one is to take into consideration each of these aspects, it is possible to recognize a Hudson Bay blanket with a fair amount of ease. These new colours were not favored by the tribes at first but quickly became popular. why are hudson bay blankets so expensive. about the HBCs history of the point blanket, an FAQ page and personal stories The classic striped pattern is instantly recognizable, and the blankets are often used as decorative items in homes and offices. Watch this YouTube video of artist Rebecca When buying a Hudson Bay Blanket at Costco, it is important to make sure that you check the return policy so that you can be sure that you will be able to return it if it is not what you wanted. Wool is typically used in the production of blankets, which contributes to their cuddly and comfortable nature. 1 1.Why Are Hudson Bay Blankets so Expensive: Top 6 Reasons; 2 2.Antiques: Invest in a Hudson Bay blanket and wrap yourself up; 3 3.Customer reviews: Woolrich 90 by 100-Inch Hudson Bay 6 Point ; 4 4.Pendleton Or Hudson Bay Blanket? The typical dimensions of these blankets are approximately 4 feet by 6 feet, making them an excellent choice for cozying up on the sofa or keeping warm in bed. Note: The Secret Life of Canada is hosted and written by Falen Johnson and Leah Simone Bowen and is a CBC original podcast independent of The Canadian Encyclopedia. They look good on a bed,across the back of a couchWouldn't lug one around without a pack mule 4 pointers were state of the art 150 + yrs agomake some nice overcoats,blanket coatsWon't turn water they don't come with temperature ratings. People from all over the world love Hudson Bay Blankets because they are warm, comfortable, and stylish. $49500. They feature iconic four stripes embedded in a white background. Join Hudson's Bay rewards to earn points on almost every purchase. But why are they so expensive, and what makes them worth the investment? For more than two centuries, the blanket has been a staple of the Hudsons Bay Company, and it remains one of the most popular items in the companys inventory. There are lots of small businesses that sell Hudson Bay Blankets, so youre sure to find one that fits your style perfectly. As this blanket is made in such a way that it is breathable, you will not sweat under it when the nights are slightly warmer. Once it arrives at the mill, the wool is dyed and woven into cloth using a centuries-old method known as pointing.. This means that each blanket is a one-of-a-kind work of art. However, their high price is due to their high demand. The most iconic design is that which is white with green, red, yellow and indigo stripes; these colours are now used as an emblem for the HBC. Secondly, they are hand-woven which adds to the cost. Cree artist Kent Monkman uses the point blankets in his series of paintings, Shame and Prejudice: A Story of Resilience, as a representation of the imperial powers that dominated and dispossessed Indigenous people of their land and livelihood. In 2011, Anishinaabe artist Rebecca Belmore created the video installation The Blanket, which features Winnipeg dancer Ming Hong rolling down a snow-covered hill in a point blanket. ". People desire certain blankets more than others due to the fact that they are one-of-a-kind or have a significant amount of history associated with them, and these blankets tend to be rarer. The Hudsons Bay Company still produces this style of blanket as well, and it has become a symbol of Canadian heritage. Hudson's bay has an interesting history - they've been around for hundreds of years and used to control most of the land that later became Canada. The blankets were originally created by the Hudsons Bay Company in the late 1700s. Hudson Bay blankets are extremely durable, and will last for many years with proper care. There are a few things you can look for when trying to determine if a Hudson Bay blanket is real. Why Are Hudson Bay Blankets so, Please share to 3 GROUPS on Facebook or WhatsApp, 13 Most Expensive Cities to Live in California 2023, 10 Richest Cities in Michigan Based on Median Income 2023, 10 Best Places to Live on East Coast of Florida 2023, 15 Top Fox News Anchors Female to Watch 2023, 20 CNN Female Anchors You Need to Watch in 2023, 11 Dr Pepper Commercial Actors and Actresses 2023, 15 Funny Numbers to Prank Call and Prank Hotlines 2023, 20 Scary Numbers to Call: You Should Never Call Them, 14 Actors and Actress in GEICO Commercials 2023, 10 Liberty Mutual Commercial Actors and Actresses 2023, 10 Best Slavery Movies on Netflix for Black History Month 2023, Your email address will not be published. The Hudsons Bay Point Blanket is a traditional wool blanket that has been around for quite some time. The reason for this is that the Hudson Bay Blanket is produced in a limited quantity, which makes them more rare and sought-after. Was: $499.99. Second, the age of the blanket is also a factor. In addition to this, they have a very robust distribution network, which enables them to charge high prices for the products that they sell to retailers. The company is also responsible for introducing the now-famous Hudson Bay blanket to the world. Each line has a different purpose, and together they create a design that tells a story. However, you shouldnt let that deter you from purchasing one of these blankets because they are well worth the money. Turn a wool blanket into a coat. The point blankets colors are an icon of Canadian style. The blankets are also water-resistant and can be used in all weather conditions. Theyre also highly collectible. However, there are a few things to consider before selling an old Hudson Bay blanket. If you are sensitive to wool, this might make a problem for your chin on cold nights. A month later, the HBC commissioned the Witney mills a collective name for textile mills in Witney, Oxfordshire in Britain to produce 30 pair[s] of 3 points to be striped with four colors (red, blue, green, yellow) according to your judgement. (See alsoWoven Textiles.). If you find a real Hudson Bay blanket for $30.00 at a yard sale, rundon't walk. Rebecca Belmore Watch this YouTube video of artist Rebecca with Wool: A Coast Salish Legacy and the Cowichan Sweater (2010). The Hudsons Bay Point Blanket is a wool blanket with a series of stripes and points (markers on cloth) first made for the Hudsons Bay Company (HBC) in 1779. The high price is due to their durability. If youre looking for a top-of-the-line blanket that will last a lifetime (and then some), this is definitely the way to go. Originally produced in British North America, Hudson Bay blankets are now shipped worldwide. If youre looking for a cozy blanket that will make a statement, Hudson Bay is the way to go. This Secret Life of Canada episode dives into the history of The Hudson's Bay Company and unpacks the very complicated story of the iconic striped blanket. Wool, cotton, and polyester are just some of the modern-day materials that are used in the production of the updated version. Selling for a neighbor on the west end. They were also used as robes by the tribes. Amazon: Amazon also has a great selection of Hudson Bay Blankets, and they often have them at very reasonable prices. While the HBC was not the first to create the point blanket, the company did popularize it among Indigenous and settler communities in Canada. Textile Museum of Theyre usually classified by size. But they quickly became popular among European settlers as well. During the 18th and 19th century, the blankets were traded with the native inhabitants of Canada and the United States primarily in exchange for furs and pelts. Hudsons The production of a Hudson Bay Blanket requires a significant investment of both time and expertise, which results in a high wage requirement for the workers involved. Theres no doubt that Hudson Bay blankets are some of the most well-made and expensive blankets on the market. There are many factors to consider, such as the color and design of the blanket, the material it is made from, and the size. DETAILS. The following are detailed reasons why are Hudson Bay Blankets so expensive: The blankets sold by Hudson Bay are among the most expensive blankets currently available on the market. Hudson Bay Point Blankets were heavy wool blankets made in the 1700's and 1800's to be traded amongst fur trappers in Canada and the native Indian tribes that lived there. Older blankets are usually worth more than newer ones. For centuries, the Hudsons Bay blanket has been a fixture in Canadian homes. Why Are Hudson Bay Blankets so Expensive. Hiking in the Hudson Bay Lowlands is like a game of hopscotch in a swamp. The story told by the lines on a Hudson Bay blanket is unique to each individual blanket and can vary depending on where the blanket was made. We and our partners use cookies to Store and/or access information on a device. Finally, Hudson Bay blankets are also cherished for their history. This short video provides more Proudly powered by WordPress One of the reasons that Minky blankets are so expensive is because they are made with high-quality materials. You probably cant get em. When determining the value of your blanket, the condition of the blanket is another factor to consider; if there are any rips or holes in the blanket, then it will not fetch as much money as one that is still whole. We're on the lookout for one to make our sofa cozier this winter. Just buy a wool blanket if your goal is survivalist orriented. The wool used to make these blankets comes from Canadian sheep, and it is incredibly soft and durable. And what's the temperature rating of them? Hudson Bay Blankets are some of the most expensive blankets in the world. Why Are Hudson Bay Blankets So Expensive? In central and eastern Canada, many Mtis and French settlers and traders wore their Hudsons Bay Point Blankets as outerwear robes, and later turned them into capotes handmade wrap-style coats. By 1929, the HBC expanded their variety of colours in order to make the blankets an essential part of home dcor. You can find them at thrift stores and yard sales usually for $30 if you keep an eye out. They have since become popular and are available in different colors and styles. So if youre considering purchasing a Hudson Bay blanket, keep reading for more information. Hudson Bay blankets are known for their rich history and timeless design. Due to the fact that they are so thick and warm, these blankets are perfect for making use of during the winter months either as bedding or as clothing. The 6-point Hudsons Bay wool blanket is a cozy and comfortable blanket that is perfect for snuggling up on cold nights. Trade blankets were made for exchange with Native Americans and are the most common type of Hudson Bay blanket. Zelda loves clothes and shoes and is always up on the latest trends. 10 Reasons Why. The durability of these blankets makes them a wise investment, and explains why they are so expensive. Just be prepared to pay a pretty penny for one of these coveted Canadian creations! In the early days, all blankets were made of wool, which provided warmth and was resistant to fire. Even though it comes with a hefty price tag, the Hudson Bay Blanket continues to be a customer favorite. That being said, they have gone on record stating that they had nothing to do with, nor would ever condone, the practice of distributing contaminated blankets to the indigenous people of North America (w. FREE delivery Feb 16 - 28. These blankets are warm and thick, and were originally used by Native Americans as blankets, clothing, and bedding. The wool used to make the blankets is sourced from New Zealand, and it undergoes a rigorous quality control process before it is shipped to England. Just be prepared to pay a bit more for the privilege. Hudson Bay is a historical company that was founded in 1670, while Pendleton is a modern company that was founded in 1909. If youre lucky enough to own a vintage Hudson Bay blanket, you can be sure that it will be a cherished family heirloom for generations to come. A good wool blanket is a good wool blanket. The blankets were originally traded for beaver pelts. Zelda Robb is someone you will always enjoy spending time with. Hudson Bay Blankets were originally created for use by the British Royal Navy. Wool blankets can be washed in a washing machine, although manufacturers recommend hand washing them. These blankets have been made in Canada for centuries, and they have a rich heritage that is deeply intertwined with the countrys identity. The last thing that needs to be taken into consideration is the size of the blanket. While historians arent certain of this, they have heard oral history references to similar practices. If youre looking for a top-quality blanket, youll have to be prepared to pay a premium for a Hudson Bay blanket. Identifying a Hudson Bay blanket can be a daunting task. For many Coast Salish nations, the point blankets led to the decline of traditional weaving skills as HBC blankets became more plentiful and accessible. But which brand is better? The blankets are made at the Hainsworth wool mill, which has been in operation for over 230 years. You wont be disappointed! The rarer blankets are also more valuable because people want them more than others due to their uniqueness or history associated with them. about the point blanket. Compared to wool blankets, Hudson Bay blankets tend to be warmer. These iconic woolen blankets have been keeping people warm for centuries, and their popularity shows no signs of waning. mon - fri 8.00 am - 4.00 pm #22 beetham gardens highway, port of spain, trinidad +1 868-625-9028 While Hackett has yet to find proof of this, he has heard oral histories that reference similar practices. -The stripe width and spacing will vary depending on the size of the blanket, but they should all be of equal width. With these guidelines in mind, you should be able to easily identify your Hudsons Bay Point Blanket. During the reign of Queen Anne (1702-1704), red, indigo, green, and yellow were particularly popular. i have a couple military wool blankets(USN) that i liberated 45 years ago and i have tried Hudson Bay blankets and the military ones were just as good. C $46.41 shipping. This means that each blanket is unique, and takes a great deal of time and skill to create. Theyre warm, durable, and versatile, making them a great choice for all sorts of different applications. Switch to the dark mode that's kinder on your eyes at night time. The price of a Hudson Bay blanket is typically more expensive than the price of other types of blankets because of how popular they are. And because theyre made with high-quality materials, you can be sure that your Hudsons Bay blanket will last for years to come. The Hudsons Bay Point Blanket is an iconic piece of Canadian history. C $884.94. But among the native people of North America, the wool blankets symbolized the evils colonialism and the introduction of deadly diseases . Wool or cotton is typically used in the production of Hudson Bay blankets. Fold a wool blanket and use it as a chair . This is because of its high quality and long lifespan, both of which make it well worth the money spent. In 1811, a new style of coat was created using the point blanket: the Mackinaw, a shorter coat with a double-breasted style. Hudson Bay blankets are expensive due to their exquisite quality and craftsmanship. Her works have been featured on Good Housekeeping,Next Luxury,Wanderlog,NurseJournal,NewsBreak,ThaiWare,and Yahoo. why are hudson bay blankets so expensive; Posted on June 29, 2022; By . Dating a Hudson Bay blanket can be easy if you know what to look for. The price of a horse is usually cheap compaired to the feed/vet/shoes over the 20 years plus you could ride them.
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