(34) It's made up of 16 concentric shells. s. i., respectively, and were exploded in air at atmospheric pressure. (99) And then each of these little spheres is the size of the Earth in proportion to the Sun. (174) Legislation now produced separate apparatuses and spheres of activity, with distinctive forms of knowledge and expertise. with Nikon Z6 + FTZ + AF-S ED 70-200/4G VR; 1660 g total weight). Translations EN spheres{plural} volume_up spheres volume_up esferas{f pl} more_vert open_in_newLink to source warningRequest revision Both these spheresare complementary but in no case may they be confused. Email: info@translateen.com, we must reunite the political and economic, His eyes were closer to normal, swirling black, we need to reunite the economic and the political, as it explores three different visually identical, barbie and fulla occupy these completely separate, We start with a solution of positively charged copper, Perhaps it is more aptly described not as a sphere but as, It's made up of 16 concentric shells. (256) Transmission electron microscopy demonstrated that there were stem cell-like cells in cell spheres and neuron- and glia -like cells after the plating. 7. certain Spheres and subjects from the State field. (316) 1This outstanding designed Agatha necklace, with silver and multicolor strass spheres, reveals the glamorous and mystery side of an individual who like excellence and trendy style. Complete step-by-step answer: Each tennis ball is a sphere and the tube is a cylinder. 18- The shapes of large celestial bodies are close to spheres . (141) Urdu soon gained distinction in literary and cultural spheres because of the hybrid nature of the language. (119) Our current muddlein all sorts of spheres, not just cyberspacestems from the mess in the White House. There's no need to dread homework, with a little organization and focus it can . The factor that seems to induce more cell differentiation is caspase-3 protease. 2. (366) Unlike Facebook, which hermetically seals users in their own ideological and personal communication spheres, Twitter thrives on being a more public forum, each user given a soapbox proportional to their following. (327) In my mothers mirror, my breasts follow. Modules, frames, fridgeons, sleeping dogs and the music of the spheres. The distance between the thumb's fingertip and its first joint is about an inch (or 25.4mm), with the nail being roughly half of that, so a nail size of about 12mm is reasonable. (147) The jury box is set off by a walnut rail and descending baubles, round spheres of beautifully grained wood. (122) Justinian has a clearer perception of the demarcation between the spheres of spiritual and temporal law. (44) so are all the other spheres. Activists operate in a number of spheres simultaneously, cultural, economic and political. (409) The greater number of these associations cover a very wide field, generally the whole empire; in such cases they are empowered to divide their spheres into sections, and to establish agents in different centres to inquire into cases of accident, and to see to the carrying out of the rule~ prescribed by the association for the avoidance of accidents. 8- These spheres often occur on different scales. While it is possible that the coalified surfaces acted as nucleation sites, the possibility that the spheres are organosilicates cannot be discounted. If cosmetics cause the decline of separate spheres, then, miraculously, cosmetics will also recreate these spheres. The work of the art historian must include all pertinent material, regardless of its provenance from the spheres of "high" or "low" culture. (281) 2Firstly, the fly ash is separated into three parts according to its mineralogical composition, they are ferruginous spheres, mullite-corundum and glass phases. 24- But both those physics are true in their different spheres . (288) But instead of circles on a two-dimensional surface, the wave fronts are now concentric spheres, with the sound traveling along rays perpendicular to these waves. 17.an experiment investigation on flow resistance of inertial separation of small Diameter water drops; 19.the number and type of gaskets is identical to that of the b-200 motor, except being of a lesser Diameter. What emerges is a set of spheres of general and special duties, and special duties to vastly different sets of actors. HERE are many translated example sentences containing "SIX SPHERES" - english-spanish translations and search engine for english translations. The ant can't definitely travel through the sphere. The great priest couldn't help but muttered: "If I had known that my second brother came over yesterday and asked me to shine the holy light on his balls, I would have agreed." Qian Renxue felt sorry for Second Grandpa just now, but when she heard this, she suddenly looked at Qian Daoliu in surprise, why did she always feel that this sentence . (135) Father entered the room, arms full of suitcases shaped in rectangles, pentagons , squares, and even spheres. (251) Microsoft's blog abbreviation debacle comes as blogging in general and RSS specifically make inroads into more spheres of business and personal life. (124) Later record keeping aids throughout the Fertile Crescent included calculi (clay spheres, cones, etc. (232) The world,the clustering spheres, He made, The glorious light, the soothing shade, Dale, champaign, grove, and hill: The multitudinous abyss. 4. political and economic Spheres in India. (185) 1. sentence with Spheres And Diameter (431) "spheres" - Definition, pictures, pronunciation and usage note. (189) Our Euripides the human,With his droppings of warm tears,and his touchings of things common Till they rose to meet the spheres. The area near the surface of the earth can be divided into four interconnected spheres: lithosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere, and atmosphere. More Sentences: 1 2 Related Words:spewer spewers spewing spews sphagnum sphere sphered spheres spherical spherically spheroid spheroidal spheroids sphincter sphincters . 33.thus the gas flow rate, nozzle inner and outer Diameter are important influential factors on bubble size. The principles of different spheres, in other words, are only adequate in the abstract. (55) Instead, he lances small spheres on a fine array of needles, called a kenzan. Learn English with films, movie clips and interactive games. His sphere of action, however, was not in parliament. The data indicate that the spread in the match spheres is different from that for the test spheres. (396) . ; The large tents are about 18 feet in diameter at the base. FeuDRenais 1302029 Ants and giraffes are distant cousins. 9- They often face discrimination in various spheres . I could use it for several seconds of exposure for blue hour so I need a very good ballhead. The reason is that it's really, really hard, and too many of us in too many spheres of life choose the easy over the hard. (31) We start with a solution of positively charged copper spheres. (150) The shapes of these ferruginous sandstones are very fantastic - tubes, hollow spheres, plates, c., being common. 20- He borrowed metaphors from diverse spheres of everyday life. Every star. (58) Now global dimensions could be set, with authority, by the celestial spheres. (191) Between two concentric spheres, with a 2 +A = r 2, a2+A1=a12, A=B =C =a3/3r3, a 3 a 3 a3 _ a3 Cb _1U x r 3 a13 Y'=2 Uy2 r3 3 a13 . Sentences are more than just strings of words. (361) Hippolytus's voluminous writings, which for variety of subject can be compared with those of Origen, embrace the spheres of exegesis, homiletics, apologetics and polemic, chronography and ecclesiastical law. Of course, beauty pays off in spheres of life other than the workplace. (268) Transmission electron microscopy demonstrated that there were stem cell-like cells in cell spheres and neuron- and glia -like cells after the plating. (406) When the solution ceases to be dilute in the thermodynamic sense of the word, that is, when the spheres of influence of the solute particles intersect each other, this reasoning ceases to apply, and the resulting modification of the gas laws as applied to solutions becomes a matter for further investigation, theoretical or experimental. You need to transfer that knowledge to new arenas and spread your sphere of influence. 6. their special Spheres of living. (301) If r, r i be the radii of two spheres, d the distance between the centres, and 0 the angle at which they intersect, then d2=r2+ r12 2rr l cos hence 2rr 1 cos =d2r2 - r22. 1) A diameter passes through the center of a circle. 1.the Diameter of a circle must go through the center. 131. (117) Carbon particles positioned among the spheres could be adjusted to be sensitive to addled materials. 4) The diameter and the circumference of a circle correlate. (314) In other spheres of life, if people argued -- well, except possibly for politics -- but in other spheres of life, if people argued illogically, we'd say that's not a good thing. (88) He goes on to consider solid geometry giving results on prisms , cylinders, and spheres. (12) She has a good reputation in scientific spheres. Each one has 92, They want to jump over to those positively charged copper, More often than not, these are regarded as separate, These elements shifted around a nested set of solid crystalline, It occurs as bright blue, radiating sprays or, Self-reliance was also promoted in other economic, Now global dimensions could be set, with authority, by the celestial, our journey starts in space, where matter condenses into, Why draw arbitrary lines of distinction and value in different, The line will sweep through a plane, and the circles will sweep through, as something that is primarily located in the national and international, Sometimes transitioning is at different levels between different, First, Johannes Kepler pointed out that orbits aren't perfect circles or, Sones upends the pycnogonid toreveal a cluster of tiny, He believes the drive for approval motivates both, In fact, we can have long, great lives when we balance the fice, 2Sones upends the pycnogonid toreveal a cluster of tiny, Then I had video projectors that were projecting intermittently onto the, So these quanta of light aren't at all like the tiny, hard, We will certainly be looking at every possibility of making it reach into new, THE job of the professional astrophysicist is to contemplate the music of the, In fact, we can have long , great lives when we balance the fice, The gulf between his differing cricketing, He goes on to consider solid geometry giving results on prisms , cylinders, and. (321) Now it is quite clear to me that there are no solid spheres in the heavens, and those that have been devised by the authors to save the appearances, exist only in the imagination. (299) Where pigment was present within the cells (sarcoma), the attraction-spheres were represented by quite clear unpigmented areas, sometimes with a centrosome in their midst. ; The tube C should have a diameter of from 12 to 15 mm.
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