Free tuition coverage towards undergraduate degrees, higher education qualifications or short courses at The Open University for you or an eligible family member. For full details about how to opt out of this program, see the Uber Pro Terms and Conditions. Ignore my time driving and money for gas it took to earn a free membership. One time only as Uber tests this new offering. Chances are I probably won't go the distance but what the hell - who knows? Unlock up to 5% cash back at any gas station when you use the Uber Visa Debit Card.. I didnt get a gold star, better orders, or even a pat on the back. But seriously, point me in the direction. Make on-time and friendly deliveries to your customers, drive safely, and communicate effectively with the local restaurants. Thereafter, points are awarded automatically to your account. 11.5% back at Exxon/Mobil is pretty significant and Ive been very happy with that at Gold. Some of our drivers have over 20,000 deliveries completed. Content on is generated by its users. The benefits may be able to save you time, money and aggravation. Uber Eats is a platform for online ordering and delivering meal which is based in San Francisco, California. See terms and conditions for complete details. Banking services are provided by Evolve Bank & Trust, Member FDIC. The higher your status, the more rewards you unlock. Gotta say I became an ASU Sun Devil for the hell of it, starting online class this upcoming Spring semester. Rather than requiring users to earn rewards, Uber One instead works from a monthly fee of $9.99 or $49.99 per year. And the ones youve always wanted to try. Brett Helling is the owner of Book through the AAs Smart Care service and get up to 10% off your car maintenance. Over the years, Uber has diversified its products, most notably into the delivery space with Uber Eats. Its time you get some recognition for your excellent driving and service skills, so keep reading to find out how! The Uber Eats Pro rewards system works effortlessly behind the scenes as you work. Late night drives are risky and $150 cleaning fee doesn't cover the cost at all. When you earn enough points to reach each higher tier, youll unlock that tiers rewards. Im a college student so I LOVE free food, is it worth the effort to shoot for diamond this month? You still have to Apply to ASU. This compensation comes from two main sources. I think you might get better quest also, my quest have definitely got better but not sure if thats the reason for it? Complete an Uber Eats trip: earn 1 point, peak hours earn 3-5 points. Uber aims to help its drivers achieve their goals on and off the road. For more information, please see our Mine came yesterday, and it spells out that I earned 2026 points from May 1 to July 31, and states I'm retaining Platinum status. Program rewards vary by location and are subject to change. Related: Everything you need to know about the Uber credit card. JavaScript is disabled. Please try again later. For example: Get an extra $50 by completing 10 trips between 4am on Monday and 4am on Friday. Im not in the best market so Im at like a 50% acceptance rate and went back to having nothing in terms of UBER PRO. Wish they would do the daily treat where I am, How do you use it? Everything you need to know about the Uber credit card. The company sees this as a big perk for its most committed . . Once youre enrolled, youll earn points on every Uber ride or Uber Eats order: Tips arent eligible to earn points, so earnings are calculated from your base fare, tolls, taxes and fees. When you earn enough points to unlock the next level of reward, you can start enjoying your new rewards right away. Im a dasher, dont tell anyone! Thanks . Some deliveries may earn you more points. Youve got big plans. Delivery drivers work hard all year long in all types of weather to provide for themselves and their families and ensure they do their jobs effectively. Points are added to your account automatically but expire on a rolling basis after six months. Driving Rewards offers discounts on gas, mobile phone service, vehicle maintenance, money management services, and Uber rides. There are several partner restaurants of Uber Eats in more than a dozen of cities all . Neither Uber or the issuing credit card company would admit to any liability or help with the charges. See the rewards benefits terms in your app for details. Points will then reset at the start of each new three-month period. To reach higher membership levels, youll need to earn a minimum number of points in a six-month period: Youll have access to your additional level benefits for a minimum of six months, during which time youll be eligible to re-qualify or work toward a higher status. Uber Eats is expanding its business all over the globe. This is the very first time I have read that Uber Eats Platinum status earns a free Uber Eats bag for deliveries. The right gear is important. Uber is not responsible for the products or services offered by other companies, or for the terms and conditions (including financial terms) under which those products and services are offered. Edit: if anyone was wondering, the diamond level treat was a weekly Big Mac along with the daily drink and fries. I was diamond from April to December. You also receive complimentary access to a health insurance marketplace provided by Stride Health. Your cancellation rate looks at the number of trips you cancel compared to the total number of trips that you accept in the last 30 days (since you last took a trip). We will give you the information you need to take advantage of the exciting rewards offered by Uber Eats. You can get bonus points when you drive during peak hours. When the users of Uber accumulate enough points, they reach specific status levels, which allow them to make use of the benefits, receive rewards and help keep the cost of Uber down. REAL BENEFITS OF DIAMOND . Some deliveries may earn you more points. With Uber Eats Pro, you have the opportunity to unlock new rewards as you reach higher status. I've been a diamond driver and a nobody driver. From here, accept the delivery terms to begin receiving delivery requests. Offer applies to Uber Pro program periods between November 1, 2022, and October 31, 2023. TLDR: if you are a diamond Uber eats driver, can you tell me what your daily treat is? Check the app for available offers. When you earn enough points to unlock the next level of reward, you can start enjoying your new rewards right away. The only two things that are now worth anything to me for being at Diamond level are knowing the duration and distance of the trip beforehand and rematches at the AP . Each time you complete a delivery while driving for Uber Eats, you earn points. Check the app for available offers. Benefits include 5% off eligible rides, deliveries, and pickuporders, unlimited $0 delivery fee for eligible deliveries of food, groceries and alcohol. Deliver with Uber Eats to earn points. Driving Rewards is a customized reward program for drivers, designed to help you grow your business, reduce your operating costs, and stay healthy. Check the Driver app for availability. Do I earn more points for completing trips with certain ride options? Keep moving forward with rewards that give you more: cash, control, choice. Lastly, you earn six points for every completed delivery between 5 pm and 9 pm. For that fee, users get to place Uber Eats orders without paying a delivery fee . Driving Rewards is a customized reward program for drivers, designed to help you grow your business, reduce your operating costs, and stay healthy. See more about ratings here. We do not offer financial advice, advisory or brokerage services, nor do we recommend or advise individuals or to buy or sell particular stocks or securities. Drivers who also deliver with Uber Eats will earn points for delivery trips. It just forces you to accept every order to keep that status. Each status within the Uber Eats Pro system determines what rewards and to what extent you unlock. Get paid fast: Cash out up to 5X a day with Uber's Instant Pay. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. The Uber Visa Debit Card is attached to an exclusive checking account fromGoBankthat rewards let drivers earn cash back at select stores on their purchases. Theres a little gift box icon in the top left corner of the Uber driver app for me and thats where the daily treat details are. The Fora platform includes forum software by XenForo. Free tuition coverage towards undergraduate degrees, higher education qualifications or short courses at The Open University for you or an eligible family member. This is most importan. AppleInsider is supported by its audience and can earn a commission as an Amazon Associate Careful on the gas card. Check the Driver app for more information. I drive with Uber and deliver with Uber Eats. Uber Eats Pro is a rewards system that lets delivery drivers earn points and reap the rewards for the hard work they do every day. The other benefit of Platinum status is a free Uber Eats bag for deliveries. The card doesnt offer bonus points on rideshare purchases, but it comes with a strong suite of benefits geared toward travelers willing to pay the annual fee (Terms apply). Performance information may have changed since the time of publication. UberEATS delivers the best food right when you want it. Do I receive a point for trips where the rider has cancelled? Additional terms apply. Rewards could include: You could save up to 15% on car maintenance services from participating vendors like Canadian Tire and Mr. Lube by signing up for CarAdvise membership. By changing how people, food, and things move through cities, Uber is a platform that opens up the world to new possibilities. It looks like it's just extra money back from using their Visa debit card at Exxon & Mobil stations - which I'll never use because there already $0.25 higher than my usual gas stops. Qualifying delivery people can receive full tuition coverage to ASU with Uber Eats Pro. This sub is NOT affiliated with Uber Eats in any official capacity! Our list of the best credit cards for deliverycan help you earn up to 4 points per dollar spent without needing to stay brand loyal. is not in any way affiliated with Uber Technologies Inc, VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 600, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. Give great service and in addition to earning points, maintain the following: keep your star rating at 4.85 or above, your cancellation rate at 4% or below, and your acceptance rate at 85% or above to earn Gold, Platinum, and Diamond rewards. Saw that they have 10-15% gas cash back as gold or platinum, which, even if the debit card isnt normally your thing sounds pretty appealing for someone that fills up every 1-2 days for uber. This means youll only have access to Blue rewards. The Uber Pro Card is a Mastercard debit card powered by Branch and issued by Evolve Bank & Trust pursuant to a license from Mastercard and may be used everywhere Mastercard debit cards are accepted. And dont judge me for writing this and ALL the hours of my time reading, driving and the 2 bags that still sit in my Amazon cart, just like how expensive my free Costco membership cost. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. Uber Pro divides drivers into four categories: partner, gold, platinum, and diamond The rewards include cash back on fuel purchases, discounts on vehicle maintenance, and free 24/7 roadside. The third party provider may collect additional data during their sign up process, and independently inform you thereof. Does a trip need to begin or end during a 5-point hour for me to receive 5 points? Drivers will be divided among four categories based on driving activity and performance. What is the Difference Between Uber Eats Pro and Uber Pro? I do small cash outs to my debit card randomly and run all of my gas through the debit card. You can earn points with every completed trip to unlock exciting rewards. How To Get The BIGGEST Orders On Uber Eats (2022) Your Driver Mike 115K subscribers Join Subscribe 2.9K Share Save 129K views 1 year ago PITTSBURGH How can you get the biggest orders driving. So if your delivery fee was $4.99, that doesn't mean the delivery person paid $4.99. If you receive a rating of 4 stars or below on a trip for a reason that is out of your control, like a bad GPS route or traffic, the rating will be excluded from your overall rating. Benefits include 5% off eligible rides, deliveries, and pickup orders, unlimited $0 delivery fee for. More promotions in Montana for Uber eats and uberX would be great as a 1.3x boost for delivery at dinner isn't that helpful. . Keep your ratings by restaurants and customers and points high to maintain your Gold, Platinum, or Diamond status and continue enjoying rewards until the end of the following period. The higher your status, the more rewards you unlock. Wondering if anyone out there has reached the Uber Eats Pro Diamond status out there - and if so, is it worth busting my ass over the last days of February to get there. Additional terms apply. Rewards could include: Get 100% tuition coverage at Arizona State University Online for you or an eligible family member toward an undergraduate degree or courses in entrepreneurship or English. The reward specifically offers students undergraduate programs and courses on entrepreneurship and English. If the driver opts not to take advantage of the option, they can still gift it to a family member. Everything you get as an Uber driver from blue to diamond. Uber Rewards within the Uber app should be redeemed by October 31, 2022 at midnight local time. Monday - Thursday, 7am - 9am and 5pm - 7pm, Saturday - Sunday, 12am - 5am and 9am - 11:59pm. Customers who dont earn enough points to upgrade their membership tier will remain general members, also known as Blue Members. Reward will be given in the program period after Diamond status is achieved. See here for full terms and conditions for these rewards. The app uses Uber's business model, and dispatches drivers to deliver food orders from a variety of restaurants, including those who may otherwise not have a delivery option available, like McDonald's. And the service has taken off. You earn money for every mile accrued while driving. Given the limited value available through Uber Rewards, loyal customers may be better off strategizing other ways to get more value from the app. Last, drivers must earn 2800 points and maintain the same driver and cancellation ratings to achieve Diamond status. Uber Eats Pro offers delivery drivers many perks to keep them motivated to provide outstanding service and keep them safe even when they are not working. There are no overdrafts, monthly fees, or minimum balances to worry about. Drivers, dont worry about missing out on the Uber Eats Pro rewards. At the start of a 3-month period, your status is determined by the points you earned in the previous 3-month period. We have partnered with AXA, the world's leading insurance brand, to provide you with protection from the financial cost of life-changing events. We sometimes earn affiliate links when you click through the affiliate links on our website. This is the first month I've ever seen this Uber Eats Pro stuff, and actually not all my busiest time out there. Platinum and Diamond couriers are eligible for a one-time free delivery bag, from the Uber Eats Kit store. In addition to the Uber Cash benefits, there are four levels in Uber Rewards: Blue; Gold; Diamond; and Platinum. I want a free Uber bag!! By providing my email I agree to receive Forbes Advisor promotions, offers and additional Forbes Marketplace services. . . A forum community dedicated to Uber drivers and enthusiasts. Someone ran up about $150 in charges in West Phoenix and Nevada. Nothing happened. Drivers unlock Diamond status once they have earned 1,200 reward points and received at least an 85% customer satisfaction rating from customers and local restaurants. Sign up for the gas card. The third-party rewards provider will act as the data controller for your personal data it receives from Uber on your behalf and that it collects to provide you with the rewards. Uber Eats is the ride-sharing app, Uber's entry into the food delivery game. The Forbes Advisor editorial team is independent and objective. Discount per gallon varies by location. Uber is not responsible for third-party offers, products, and/or services. The Uber Rewards program allowed you to start earning points on your Uber Eats orders. When visiting TurboTax for the first time from your Driver Dashboard If you're accessing from the Tax Information page, select the Start for free button on the TurboTax offer banner at the top of the page. Unlock after 1,000 lifetime deliveries. You can enjoy a free drink or snack every week from participating restaurantseven when youre offline. For more information, and to learn about your privacy rights, please read our Privacy Notice. This program may change as we make improvements before expanding Uber Eats Pro. To reach Gold, Platinum or Diamond tiers, youll need to do two things: Points are accumulated over fixed three-month periods (for example: 1 August to 31 October). When you reach 500 points, you can cash them out for $5 in Uber Cash. Check the Uber Pro section of the Driver app for available offers. Goldstatus is the second level of the Uber Eats Pro rewards program. Uber went public in May 2019. Indeed: $17.73 per hour. As of Nov. 16, 2021 the Uber Pass and Uber Eats Pass subscription services are no longer available to sign up. Uber Pro is currently offered in Seattle, Chicago, New . If you also drive with Uber, you may be eligible for Uber Pro insteadcheck out program details here. Where did I miss it?? Delivery drivers work in their cars. You can download the Caradvise app on IOS and Google Play devices. To become a diamond Uber Pro driver, you must earn at least 1000 points in places like Detroit and Orlando to 3500 points in places like New York City. Instead of passing the delivery fee on to drivers, Uber Eats drivers get paid according to a formula that includes a base fare, a trip supplement, and any other earnings promotions that Uber offers.
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