You must first register or you log in as a member and then start recording of your declaration of loss. You need to describe as precisely as possible the item. LOFOX helps by offering you to choose the category, subcategory of the item, then its brand if it exists, a distinctive sign or a customization (model, serial number or IMEI for mobile phones, engraving-writing-dedication, text on the subject, advertising,...) and choose the dominant colors (max. 3), appearance/texture in general (max. 3) and main materials (max.3). We also recommend a free description of the item with elements other than those already required and referred to above (brand, distinctive sign, colors, appearance and material), so you can enter specific information on the form, patterns, designs, size and other characteristics of the item. You can also save a picture of your item, if appropriate. After the description of the item, you need to include the likely place(s) loss (max. 3) as well as the approximate date and time. Before you register your declaration, you need to accept the General Conditions and make the payment via Mobile phone or/and SMS. The amount is charged to your mobile phone bill. Once your declaration has been registered you can no longer change it but still consult and handle it in the event of a notification of correspondence with an item found and reported in LOFOX.