According to the laws in force in most countries, you must usually notify, report the discovery of the object publicly and deposit it at a police station or at a service of found item (Welcome or information desk, or at the Concierge service of public or private building). However a simple and smart way is to use LOFOX to notify and report as widely as possible the found item thus enabling the owner who made a declaration of loss in LOFOX to retrieve his lost item.

According to the value or the type item (luxury item, wallet, Smartphone, tablet, notebook, camera, other electronic devices, etc.) or containing, i.e. identity papers, money or other means of payment (Bank, payment or credit card), we recommend that you quickly deposit them at a police station or at a service of item found and requesting a written confirmation of your deposit to avoid later problems. This procedure will allow you to be able to legitimately recover the unclaimed item, according to the legal provisions in force in the country concerned. In this case, to facilitate the return of the item to its owner, you also need to quickly indicate this place of deposit in your statement on the LOFOX website by logging into your member account and updating this information.